To much memory for F-secure!

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Anyone know why the F-secure add-on "fscesproviderd" is taking up so much memory? 10.69GB of my 24GB RAM. I also use Lightroom and iMovie which require the same amount each. And add to that all the other hundreds of small programs required.

/Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @FtheReal

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    To be able to determine the cause of such a high memory consumption we will need some details about your device and diagnostic data.

    1. Please tell us what is the model of your device and what version of the system you are working on.

    2. What version of F-Secure software are you using?

    3. What other programs do you have running when there is a problem with excessive memory consumption?

    As for the diagnostic data, I will send you a private message on our forum.

    Please check your inbox.

    Have a nice day.


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    1) I use an iMac 27" (2017) and OS 13.6.1.

    2) F-secure version 19.4 (60838).

    3) These are some of the programs. (See attached doc.)