is fscbootstrapnative a F-Secure process under macOS?

Frankhe Posts: 14 Enthusiast

Hi, I have an issue with one process that is literarily eating away all my memory in macOS. It is called fscbootstrapnative and the memory consumption is just huge. See screenshot:

My question is, is this a process that belongs to F-Secure?


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  • PawełP
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    Thank you for your post.

    Yes, it’s the process our browser extensions use to communicate with the product. Please collect the diagnostic data. We’ll check what might be causing an abnormal memory usage.

    Under this link you'll find the guidelines how to collect the diagnostic data:

    Using the support tool | Total | Latest | F-Secure User Guides

    Please send them to me in privet message on our forum.

    Have a great day


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  • Frankhe
    Frankhe Posts: 14 Enthusiast

    Hi Pawel, thank you for your answer. I had to kill the process when it hit over 21 GB of memory usage. The process came back and is now using 16 MB. Currently running the Diagnostics and I will send the file in a private message.

  • Guileukow
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    Hello, same thing here on my macbook running Ventura 13.4, with the extension installed on edge. I had to kill this app as it was eating more than 4GB of my memory, slowing down all the work I was doing... Maybe a memory leak to check-out here.

  • Frankhe
    Frankhe Posts: 14 Enthusiast

    I currently try to run the support tool and gather diagnostics. It does seem to freeze after a while.

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