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Dear F-Secure ...

I am and have been, a fan of F-Secure for many years. I even have the very first installment of the F-Secure Router and I am using it even now. Before purchasing the F-Secure Router, I was using F-Secure's VPN and loved it.

That is until about two (2) years ago.

All of a sudden, I could no longer view a page in my website's library (https://issues4life.org/library.html). That page is on the third (3rd) floor of our library, on the left-hand side of the screen and it is the very last department: "Are You Secure Online? (Question)".

This ".htm" page uses <div> and <iframe> HTML elements to display videos via the JW Player (https://jwplayer.com) video platform.

Here is an example of the HTML code from our website:




<script src="https://content.jwplatform.com/libraries/pCvBV6fm.js"></script>


.jw-state-idle .jw-controls {

   background-color: transparent !important;


.jw-controls-backdrop {

   background: none !important;





<div id='________'></div>

<script type='text/javascript'>


       file: '/video/20170925-breaches-happen-be-prepared.mp4',

      image: '/images/20170925-breaches-happen-be-prepared-640x360.gif',

      title: 'Breaches Happen!',

      width: '100%',

      preload: 'none',

      aspectratio: '16:9'





For years, all was well.

I often updated this department in our library, as I was using it to teach others what cyber crime was all about and to promote F-Secure products.

Then about two (2) years ago, I could no longer view this page, while using the F-Secure VPN on my FireFox Browser. I even asked for help from F-Secure here and via email, but no help was available. So, in desperation, I stopped using F-Secure's VPN and started using Mullvad's VPN.

And all was well.

I could once again view the page above on my website ...

I am still is using the Mullvad VPN now.

Now, while the Mullvad VPN is pretty good, I still miss the F-Secure VPN ...

So, I am writing to see there is any help available from F-Secure to help me solve this problem.

If not, I get it ...

I am only one customer ...

But, if we could fix this problem ...

I would be very, very happy to move back to using F-Secure ...

I hope to hear from you soon.

Happy New Year !!


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  • PawełP
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    Hi @Issues4Life

    Welcome to our forum. Thank you for your email and for such kind words about F-Secure.

    I'm sorry you waited so long to respond, but it was because we wanted to take a closer look at the problem and think about a solution.

    Well, the situation is as follows.

    When loading the https://issues4life.org/library.html page, it uses resources from https://content.jwplatform.com and https://ssl.p.jwpcdn.com. Both domains have tracking_domain classification. Therefore, if Tracking protection is enabled in the VPN client, then requests to these domains are blocked.

    Please turn off in FREEDOME tracking protection and refresh your website.

    If you use FREEDOME VPN as separate app on your device you can do it as follows (for Windows device):

    1.    Open the app.

    2.    From the left navigation, select Tracking protection.

    3.    Select the switch to turn tracking protection off.

    Let me know if it helped.

    Thank you.

    Have a nice day.


    Making every digital moment secure, for everyone


  • sarahml
    sarahml Posts: 1 New Member

    I have the same issue lately on majority of the websites including when accessing f-secure website itself.

    Anyone has any solution why the functionality no longer like before?

  • Issues4Life
    Issues4Life Posts: 88 Contributor

    Powel ....

    Thank you very much for your response.

    I would like to test your suggestion on my website ...

    As such, may I purchase the F-Secure VPN alone to test your suggestion?

    Also, exactly, what is F-Secure's "Tracking protection" trying to accomplish?

    Again, thank you very, very much ....

    I am hoping this suggestion will work, so I can let my Mullvad VPN expire and return to using F-Secure's VPN ...

    God bless.

  • PawełP
    PawełP Posts: 286 Moderator

    Hello @Issues4Life

    Thank you very much for your message.

    Regarding your questions, of course you can only buy a license for FREEDOME VPN. I am sending you the link below:


    But you can also first create a test account for yourself using an email address that you haven't used in our system yet. Then you will get 30 days to test for free. Then you can decide whether to buy a license.

    As for your question about Tracking Protection, I give you some information about it below.

    Tracking protection removes all cookies set by known advertising networks, preventing the ad networks from tracking individual visitors from site to site. It also prevents all HTTP traffic from and to what F-Secure's reputation analysis identifies as a tracking domain, and forces the "Do Not Track" header on for all browsing.

    F-Secure Labs maintains a database of tracking and advertisement networks in the F-Secure Security Cloud. Our labs are staffed round-the-clock ensuring this database is always up-to-date. The database tags tracking and analytics services so that FREEDOME VPN blocks the requests completely.

    I hope you will find this information helpful. 

    Have a good day


    Making every digital moment secure, for everyone

  • Issues4Life
    Issues4Life Posts: 88 Contributor

    Powel ...

    I am very grateful for your response ...

    I will create a new email and create "a test account" to evaluate the F-Secure VPN ...

    Also, I learned a lot from your response regarding "Tracking Protection" and I am trusting F-Secure ...

    As you have seen, our website uses the "JWP" ( https://jwplayer.com ) to stream many of our videos at and on any scale.

    As you can see, from the page on our website ( mentioned initially), JWP allows us to promote F-Secure to others, regardless of their platform and|or device.

    So, would turning off Freedom's VPN "Tracking Protection" reduce the privacy we enjoy so very much from F-Secure ??

    And if so, would all of the other privacy features ( e.g., hiding our IP address, privacy on public Wi‑Fi networks, secure DNS services that do leak our DNS requests, bypassing VPN tunneling in our trusted WiFi networks, kill switch protection, and the ability to change our IP location ) still work?

    Again, thank you very much for your time and responses.

    God bless.

  • PawełP
    PawełP Posts: 286 Moderator

    Hi @Issues4Life

    Thank you for your comment and very reasonable question.

    The Tracking protection switch relates only to tracking performed by websites using cookies. It does not have any effect to the other features that you mentioned.

    Have a good one.


    Making every digital moment secure, for everyone

  • OSX_rulez
    OSX_rulez Posts: 27 Enthusiast

    Hello @PawełP are you sure that domain is tracking? I'm asking because for example NextDNS with the tracking filter on doesn't block the content as Freedome does. Your service should only block real trackers if they set unwanted cookies through 3rd parties domains or other kind of fingerprinting.

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