Freedom VPN Blocked My Apple and Activision Accounts

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Approximately two months ago, my Activision account was initially suspended, allowing for an appeal process. Upon filing an appeal, my account was permanently banned. Notably, during the authentication and gameplay for Call of Duty, my Windows 11 PC inadvertently had Freedom VPN enabled. This incident marked the first time in over 1500 hours of gameplay that I unintentionally activated Freedom VPN, leading to the subsequent day's discovery of the suspension.

Fast forward to recent events - while making an in-app purchase on my iPhone, an unforeseen error surfaced, indicating the inability to confirm my transaction. It was then I realized that I had forgotten to disable Freedom VPN. Following five attempts to rectify this issue with Apple and multiple purchase endeavors within the app, my account was permanently and irrevocably blocked. This transaction marked the initial instance of making a purchase with Freedom VPN enabled.

My Apple account, spanning over 12 years, contains a balance of $120, along with purchased applications and subscriptions valued at $100. Additionally, my Activision account has had investments exceeding $1000, if not closer to $2000.

While I cannot assert with absolute certainty that the utilization of Freedom VPN served as the sole reason for these account blocks, drawing from my personal experience and the absence of unlawful actions toward the aforementioned companies such as Apple and Activision, I am inclined to believe that the usage of Freedom VPN contributed significantly to the account suspensions.

I kindly request further communication via my personal email: My sincerest intention in reaching out is to prevent others from encountering a similar situation to mine.

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    Hello @Skrep

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your post.

    We sincerely empathize with the challenges you've faced regarding your Activision and Apple accounts. We fully recognize the importance of your investments and the frustration this situation has undoubtedly caused.

    Please know that we take matters of this nature seriously, and I am committed to assisting you in finding a resolution. In consideration of privacy and security, we've taken the liberty of removing your email address from your post to safeguard your identity. We kindly ask that you adhere to our guidelines to ensure the safety of this forum for all users:

    The issue you're encountering may be attributed to the Activision and Apple Privacy Policy, especially when using their services in conjunction with a VPN connection to their servers. According to Activision's policy, they employ anti-fraud, anti-cheat, and anti-toxicity technologies to maintain fair gaming experiences by preventing cheating and undesirable behavior in the gaming environment:

    I have sent you a private message to discuss this matter further. Please feel free to reply to that message, sharing how we can best assist you in resolving this situation.

    Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

    Thank you for your understanding, and I wish you a positive day ahead.

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