F-Secure Community User Guidelines

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F-Secure Community is a peer-to-peer space where you can post questions and ideas, engage in constructive discussions with other participants, and share your knowledge. 

We have a set of guidelines that are designed to keep the Community running smoothly and to help everyone get the most value out of it. Please read the guidelines to know what is expected of you when you participate in this community: 

  • If you are just starting out in the Community and have a question, do make sure to first search for an answer. Most of the time, if you use the right search terms, you will find an answer without even needing to post a question. 
  • What if you have searched and still could not find anything relevant? Don’t hesitate and post your question / comment in the respective discussion board. You never know who has the answer to your question or who can guide you to find a way to resolve the problem. 
  • Do remember to post your question in the correct discussion board. This makes it easier for the right audience to see your post, which can help you to receive quicker replies. 
  • Do protect your own privacy. Do not post any personal identifying information, such as phone numbers, subscription information, house address, email address etc. 
  • Be courteous to the fellow members. If someone has helped you, go ahead and give them likes or accept their reply as a solution. If the reply does not help you, please keep your replies constructive and disagree in a kind way. 
  • We encourage participation and engagement in the Community, so go ahead and share your solutions and tips to the Community - it can make someone's day! 
  • Do not post any advertising links, promotional posts/URL's or any spam/junk information. Any inappropriate content will be removed. To find out more about what we consider to be inappropriate content, go to https://www.f-secure.com/en/legal/terms/community. 
  • To read the F-Secure Community Terms of Service in more detail, go to https://www.f-secure.com/en/legal/terms/community 
  • To read more about the Community Privacy Policy in more detail, go to https://community.f-secure.com/en/discussion/122423/community-privacy-policy

If you have any suggestions or feedback to share regarding our Community, please feel free to post in the News and Feedback section. 

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