how to right-click the file and scan via F-Secure?

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After I download a file, how to right-click the file and scan via F-Secure?

Cause on my Windows 11, when I right-click the file, but don't have this option?...

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    On Windows 11 Microsoft decided to hide most of the 3rd party options under "Show more options" entry. So when you right click the file/folder, you need to go to "Show more options" and the scan option is there.


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    Hello @stevelim

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    To assist you more effectively, could you please provide the version of F-Secure Total currently installed on your Windows 11? Additionally, confirm the file format you are using. After obtaining this information, I recommend restarting your machine and attempting the process again.

    For further insights, you can also refer to this link where users have discussed similar topics: Scan button on "right click menu" is gone — F-Secure Community

    Thank you for your cooperation, and I wish you a good day.

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