Subscription Valid but Anti-Virus Not Working - Need Assistance


I purchased a 3-year license for F-Secure in 2022, and until last month, everything was working fine. However, I've been consistently receiving a "Subscription is about to expire" warning despite having a valid subscription till 2025.

Recently, I discovered that my anti-virus protection is no longer active. When I check the subscription status, it shows as "valid." I've tried re-entering the subscription code, updating the software, and even uninstalling and reinstalling. Unfortunately, none of these actions seem to resolve the issue.

I still have the subscription code card and the receipt from the purchase. I initially installed F-Secure when I bought a new computer, and the store personnel assisted with the installation. I noticed that the link mentioned in the documentation is no longer available.

Could someone kindly guide me on how to address this issue? I want to ensure that my F-Secure is providing the protection I paid for.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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