I want that stupid pop-up gone!

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I want the protection but I do not want to see stupid smiley faces on sites I regularly go to.... like AMAZON.... ten times a week... I know this site is safe, no smiley faces needed.

I go to the KB looking to try and turn it off and it tells me to go to the safe browser section in settings and turn off safe shopping... well it would be freakin nice if there was that option... can you see where I'm going here?

I have been a loyal fsecure customer for nearly twenty years, and I would like to continue to be a loyal customer in the future... get rid of the smiley face pop-up.... Please!

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    Sorry for the reply. I am only an F-Secure user.

    Some things to discuss and some things to note.

    this issue I have found is, I believe, concerning the Mozilla plugin for safe browsing... To stop it, just disable it and lose your browser safety... Not a good solution but it stops the ridiculous and annoying pop-up

    As such, your experience is pinned to the recent "Trusted Shopping" feature. So, it should be enough to disable this option/setting and so to avoid "pop-ups". However, as per this discussion: https://community.f-secure.com/en/discussion/127467/annoying-pop-up

    (and as for my understanding) - after a very certain date - some solutions came with 'reverted' Settings, where Trusted Shopping part is missing at all. So, it is not possible to disable this option - but pop-ups are still shown.

    In mentioned discussion - F-Secure Internet Security is marked as impacted (however, it is not clear enough - old one F-Secure IS or current/new F-Secure Internet Security known before as F-Secure SAFE).

    Still, it is should be possible use the way from Online Guide/Help for F-Secure TOTAL app.

    By disabling browser's addon (extension) - some extra layers are off. So, Trusted Shopping, search results rating logos, banking protection and so on.

    However, 'browser safety' (generic and basic one) is still there even with disabled addon.

    Anyway, I will recommend to re-enable addon back and check if the situation is already better. I mean, based on its 'exceptional' background - such a 'bug' can be fixed already and you can easily manage to use full scale of F-Secure solution without any further interruptions. At least, I read one comment about 'possible' fixed state (actually, dated to the day of your topic).

    Another thing to ask is: "ridiculous and annoying pop-up" - what's exactly ridiculous and annoying in this pop-up?

    I mean, the very fact that this is pop-up? whatever it do?

    the fact that this pop-up is 'gone to soon' or instead 'shown to long'?

    the smileys?


    is there better option to 'welcome' users with fresh feature and make it a bit of as 'adviser'? also, is it enough good to not being 'annoying' - because/when this feature can be disabled?

    My own feelings are a bit of different. As such, I see strange things around it - but I never thought of it as 'annoying' or 'too strange' (maybe just a bit of 'clumsy' or 'unnecessarily funny' thing). Furthermore, I found it is a bit of 'unintrusive' for those cases, where I wanted to use it a lot or hugely (but can't because of 'unintrusive' design). At the end, I start to think about it:

    Trusted Shopping is like phishing protection (limited to fake shopping websites or uncommon stores), where it is not possible to block or to rate relatively safe website as harmful/malicious or when not enough points to call it as suspicious. Thus, access is not blocked - but a constant notification is shown about risk when it is not highly rated in Trusted Shopping.

    while, visiting a perfectly fine/safe shops - will be with a temporarily visible pop-up. That's actually good. I do not usually online shopping or stuff like that. So, basically, why not.

    F-Secure website's F‑Secure Online Shopping Checker | F‑Secure (f-secure.com) with a bit more insights about 'points of use'.



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    I see the 'smiley face' pop-up many times per day. Consequently I usually ignore it and I doubt I would notice if occasionally the pop-up did not have a smiley face, as it disappears so quickly.

    This seems to be a feature that your marketing department would wanted added, to show the product was active and 'doing something', rather than a user-interface designer. Human are good at noticing differences, not apparently the same thing.

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    this issue I have found is, I believe, concerning the Mozilla plugin for safe browsing... To stop it, just disable it and lose your browser safety... Not a good solution but it stops the ridiculous and annoying pop-up

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