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How do I stop these annoying pop-ups?

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  • Ukko
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    This feature is called "Trusted Shopping" and you can disable it via the Settings.

    Related discussion was there:

    where you can find a guide to solution.

    As such, you need to open Settings (doubleclick desktop F-Secure logo or rightclick tray-logo -> Open Settings), In Settings, switch to the Browsing Protection tab where you can find "Trusted Shopping" option. When disabled - no popups.

    if these pop-ups are constantly showing multiple times per session on visited page - then it is not normal. More expected view is "when you first time decided to open Shopping-related website -> you will receive a temporarily popup about safe ones and constant 'warning' about suspicious ones)" per session or per opened browser's tab.


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    Thank you, all fixed.

  • Karibu
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    In F-Secure Internet Security 19.2 there is no Trusted Shopping settings present in the Secure Browsing section of the GUI.

    The guide to turn off Trusted Shopping notifications is wrong - for Internet Security.

    Did the F-Secure team forget that it has two products on the market? Did anyone at F-Secure bother to verify that Trusted Shopping settings are not preset in Internet Security? I don't want Total and all the unnecessary features that it bloats into the package. I should not have to buy Total to be able to disable these incredibly annoying pop-ups that add nothing to my security, but instead make my user experience a very poor one.

    Trusted Shopping pop-up is not needed and it is very annoying. It does not work as intended; it generates a pop-up every single time I navigate to different sections of eBay.

    Who at F-Secure thought this would be a good design and user experience?

    It is so annoying that I'm thinking about uninstalling F-Secure and requesting a refund.

    It is also ridiculous that there is no way to submit a support ticket via a web form or a support email address. Does F-Secure think that people have the time to take off work so that they can make calls to support during regular work hours? Because that is not going to happen. The F-Secure support hours are precisely when I am at work and I cannot take breaks to make calls to F-Secure support. So that means I would have to use a personal day off to contact F-Secure.

    Just a really poor user experience. What are people thinking at F-Secure headquarters?

    Given the very high price that I pay for F-Secure relative to other security software products, this is unacceptable.

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    Hello @Karibu @Tonio69 @PeterV21 @Zziggy

    We regret any inconvenience caused. Our team is actively addressing the issue and working on a fix. Unfortunately, we don't have a specific timeline for the release, however, rest assured, we'll keep you informed once the solution is available.

    It's worth noting that the feature in question is designed for F-Secure Total and the new F-Secure Internet Security, not for the legacy F-Secure Internet Security.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out. Have a great day.


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