No Capricorn updates for DAYS? Again......

MNielsen Posts: 58 Contributor

Since 12/11? Why did you choose Capricorn? I remembered, when I years ago, had the free Avast Antivirusprogram, it was just the same - some times - and almost always aroundd weekends, no Capricorn-updates...


  • KnownStormChaser
    KnownStormChaser Posts: 6 Explorer

    Same for me, all the other modules have updated today, but Capricorn has not updated on my system since Sunday.

  • MNielsen
    MNielsen Posts: 58 Contributor

    The same here - these got update yesterday:




    As usual, no Capricorn.......

  • MNielsen
    MNielsen Posts: 58 Contributor

    At last... A Capricorn-update arrived to my computer. That was about time.

  • KnownStormChaser
    KnownStormChaser Posts: 6 Explorer

    After I reinstalled F-Secure, that seemed to resolve the issue.

  • MNielsen
    MNielsen Posts: 58 Contributor
    edited November 16

    It's not your instalation or the updater, which is the problem. As we could receive the mentioned DeepGuard, Hydra and Ultralight-updates, the problem is F-Secure, who pauses the Capricorn-updates way too long. ALMOST about weekends.......

    I didn't do anything. Back in time, I also tried to reinstall F-Secure, to no avail and also tried to reset the updater by using the reset-tool, which you can download from the support-page - also to no avail...

    So, I has decided to not have the trouble by trying all this anymore. Only writing here, seems to help.

  • Firmy
    Firmy Posts: 1,508 Community Manager

    Hello @MNielsen @KnownStormChaser

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your post and comments.

    We regret for the delay in the updates, and we appreciate your understanding. The delay was caused by a backlog in processing update requests, and we assure you that updates were not intentionally paused without reason.

    Our team has taken immediate steps to clear the queue, and we are actively monitoring the situation to ensure that all clients receive their updates promptly. Please rest assured that we are diligently working on a more permanent solution to prevent similar delays in the future.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

    Wishing you a great day ahead.