F-Secure won't start the automaticly weekly scan of my computer.

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I have set my F-secure scan, to a automaticly weekly scan on my computer for every tuesday at 19:00 hr.

In my settings I can see that the next scan will be started on this date.

Unfortunately, when the day/time is reached, the scan don't start.

Sometimes the scan is started at a random day/time, but I can not find where this is started.

I have re-installed F-Secure, but this hasn't solve the problems.

On other program's I have also no problems.

My computer is an Intel i7 computer with Windows 11 Home. Last updates are installed.

My F-Secure is delivered by Ziggo in the Netherlands.

My question is:

Does anyone recognise this problem, and has someone any tips or trics to solve this problem.



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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user. Just a little bit of thoughts about.

    first: There was a discussion at the time: Scheduled scan runs 12 hours late — F-Secure Community

    as for me, it remained without a visible solution. However, two points to mention: official comment and 'solution' in the topic is about known old bug. So, you could check that (but since your system is Windows 11 and you tried to reinstall F-Secure solution - it is a very unlikely case). Another thing is if your scheduled scan is ran 'some hours' late (as another bug; or returned bug) - then there are some explanations about all other things.

    for example, when scheduled scan is missed (system is off) - it start as soon as possible with the very next system launch.

    second: I am not sure about Ziggo-branded solution, but recent F-Secure solutions are with three places to see when/how Scheduled Scan is started. There should be a 'toast' notification in Windows 10 (I don't know how it is with Windows 11) - so, it is a good idea to check that notifications are allowed in system's settings. Then, when scheduled scan is started - F-Secure Recent Events (rightclick tray-logo :: See recent events) with an entry about; And main UI should be with a related 'entry' in the showcase of latest events. In addition, it should be with on-going process (like percentage).

    if entries are not visible - one possible explanation is scheduled scan is too busy and stuck with scanning for over an hour at the same percent-stage).

    third: just for troubleshooting. Could you check it manually about 'possibility' of a proper running?

    I mean, can you configure Scheduled scan (automatic scan) as 'daily' (for example) and just a couple minutes later than now (for example). So, then you can to watch if scheduled scan is actually started right after some minutes.

    If not - it will be much more easy to find a reason why.

    If started - so, can you be a bit more specific on this statement ""when the day/time is reached, the scan don't start."" - for example, when the scan don't start -> what is in the Settings?! is it already re-scheduled to another date?

    is it possible that on this particular minute - any games are involved? I mean, "Gaming mode" should pause scheduled scan (or cancel it?!). You can check if "Gaming mode" is enabled in F-Secure Settings (AV-part).

    did you feel that scan don't start by not receiving any notification about starting? Or in Task Manager (system load) is nothing about on-going scan process?



  • Supervisors_nl
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    Hello Ukko,

    Many thanks for your reply on my question.

    I will answer and update the questions you asked.

    First: Ziggo is my ISP, and the programm will be automaticly updated.

    And, some friends with the same version and ISP, F-Secure runs without any problems.

    My computer is the only computer where it's going wrong.

    Also after the "missed" scan, the computer is turned many times on and off, so it isn't the first time the computer is on after the missed scan.

    There seems to be a random time after the missed scan, when sometimes, but not always, the scan is started yet.

    Second: My system settings for messages is turned on. But there are no messages to display.

    When I start the scan manually, I get a message that the scan has been started. It's visible.

    Fact: Manually scanning works fine. My problems are only concern the scheduled scans.

    It seems only the scan is not started on the scheduled day/time.

    Third: I had already tried to schedule my scans on a daily base at specific times. Unfortunately it also didn't work either.

    And, there are no games running om my computer. The only thing I do is surfing and mailing.

    I'am anxyous that my problem is caused in the Windows registry, but not in F-Secure because of the following reasons.

    • Manually scans are working fine.
    • There are no messages displayed in Windoes at the starttime.
    • In F-Secure the next scheduled start of a scan is correct displayed, but it don't work.
    • Sometimes at a random time, the scan starts anyway.

    I think, I will reset my Windows to Factory Settings, and after this, to re-install my F-Secure.

    Anyway, many thanks for your help.



  • Ukko
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    Very thanks for your response! And sorry for my a bit of late reply!

    I had already tried to schedule my scans on a daily base at specific times. Unfortunately it also didn't work either.

    Could you confirm that, for example, if you will try to set up scheduled scan as to be running (let's use 24hours) 10 November 2023 17:30 ; but what I mean, that you will set-up it.. right at 10.11.2023 17:28 - so you need only wait a couple of minutes to check if Scheduled scan working or not.

    if scheduled scan is not launched. Can you check what is in Settings UI (is it re-scheduled or something).

    If it is re-scheduled to 'another expected' date (like if scan is completed). Can you try immediately re-scheduled to be run in a couple minutes again. Check if now it will be with success or not. And so on..

    at least, if reinstallation will not sort it out - then you can try this. It will be useful to understand - what happened (maybe there is some 'crash'-event and scheduled scan failed to launch).

    Sorry for my English!

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