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I hope everyone is doing great.

The "website rating" is not working with the google search engine.

I reinstalled the extensions on both chrome and edge but

that didn't help.

I even reinstalled the f-secure safe and that didn't solve the problem either.

Looking for a solution.

Thank you so much.

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  • Firmy
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    Hello @rajmj9600

    We've just rolled out a new version of extension 5.1.68. Would you mind giving it a whirl to see if the issue still hangs around?

    Drop us a line and let us know how things go. Your feedback is super valuable.

    Thanks a bunch.



  • Firmy
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    Hello @rajmj9600

    Thank you for your post.

    The rating is currently only visible on the sub-pages for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. We understand this issue, and our team is actively working on a solution. A new extension version will be released to resolve this problem, and we will provide updates once it's available.

    Thank you, and have a great day.

  • TigerCat
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    I am having this issue now. Still says for me "This site has not been analyzed yet" for every site.

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