Why F-Secure app on macOS keeps popping up

griek Posts: 1 New Member

F-secure app 19.3 on macOS 12.6.9 keeps popping up every few minutes. Critical task flashes and goes away. "Subscription is expiring" task is displayed (it's not, still have over 100 days left). Nowhere to disable this behaviour. How to prevent this? uninstall whole thing?


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  • PawełP
    PawełP Posts: 82 Moderator

    Hi @griek

    Thank you with your message and reporting the problem. 

    This is not a normal situation and should not happen. We will need diagnostic data to determine the cause of this message appearing on your device.

    I will send you a message to your private mailbox on our forum soon. 

    Have a nice day.


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