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Hello. I hope everyone is doing great.

I am new to f-secure and have two questions:

i) Is product update automatic or manual with f-secure. To elaborate, do I have to manually download and run the exe file to update the product version or f-secure automatically updates the product?

ii)What is the function of 'ultralight core' and 'ultralight updater' engines?

Thank you so much.


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    I think the answers are:

    • usually, F-Secure solution retrieves the latest updates to your computer automatically when you are connected to the internet. You can manually 'check updates' at any time (to force it). Automatic checks are roughly each hour (less or more; it is in a certain time gap. say, 50-80 minutes). perhaps, some updated/upgrade will require an attention from you; for example, to restart system or something related to this. if so, F-Secure solution will inform about by a prompt. There is (which you can use to see if your 'local' updates are related to 'published' today).

    Viewing the latest updates | Total | Latest | F-Secure User Guides (Online User Help article)

    • since I am only F-Secure user, I can only try to say that 'ultralight core' is obviously core of F-Secure Ultralight design. And 'ultralight updater' is a piece which make 'working/updating/building' all parts of Ultralight.

    As such, there is an old (?) Whitepaper about F-Secure Ultralight (each module and component were described and discussed in-depth):

    F-Secure Ultralight


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