FS Protection is consuming too much battery in Android


Hi the battery usage on Android device is too high. This was a warning from the Android device.



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    Hi @Renukanand

    We welcome you to the forum.

    Thank you for taking the time to beta test our program.

    Your comments are greatly appreciated. To take a closer look at this problem we need more information from you.

    First, we will need diagnostic data about our program from your device. I will send you a message to your mailbox on our forum with instructions on how to collect the diagnostic data. Please include this data in your reply so that our technicians can examine it.

    1.      Also, we would like to know if the problem with increased battery consumption occurs all the time or only temporarily.

    2.      Does it also occur when the VPN option is disabled?

    3.      Do you see a connection to the increased battery consumption with our program's scanning of your device for malicious data?

    We would greatly appreciate your insights on this issue.

    Have a nice day


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