Why is my F-Secure showing Security Cloud Unavailable

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This is showing on my menu bar, with a yellow warning circle.

How can I put this right? I am using macOS Ventura 13.4.1

Thanks for any help

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  • PawełP
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    Thanks to the fact that Derby Mark sent us diagnostic data, we were able to find the cause of the displayed message.

    Some services critical to the product have been disabled. They could have been removed accidentally manually, or some third party software has removed them.

    Anyway, the reinstallation of the product has helped and this is what we recommend to do in the first place.

    Thank you @Derby_Mark ones again. 🖐️

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  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user.

    I am not familiar with macOS platform, but if your trouble is still not sorted and it is not something temporarily (or purely on the F-Secure side; like if some maintaining) - did you try to restart system? Shut down - turning on?

    And some more information can be useful to know: is it fresh installation? or all was fine and only recently Security Cloud became with a yellow warning circle?

    There is also KB article about malfunction with Security Cloud: F-Secure product shows error notification "Security Cloud Malfunction" on a Mac computer - F-Secure Community

    however, instead of trying to perform some actions from KB - I will suggest to contact official Support channels there: (Contact support | F-Secure); for example, web-chat.

    because since your F-Secure is 19.2 version - there can be differences.


  • PawełP
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    Hi @Derby_Mark

    In case of your problem, we will need diangostic data to determine the cause on your computer.

    Please only do not publish diagnostic data on a public forum.

    I will contact you in a private message and explain how to collect and send diagnostic data.

    We are in contact 

    Have a nice day

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