how move a device from owner profile to diff profile

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On TOTAL, how do I move a device from the master profile to a different profile on my account?

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    Hello @Bob_F

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    When it comes to adding a sub-user, the process is pretty straightforward. Once you've sent out an invitation to the person, they'll receive their very own login credentials. The sub-user profile will neatly nestle under your main account, given that they're part of your subscription. You'll be able to oversee all the devices and sub-users linked to your account, as you're the primary owner of the subscription. On the flip side, sub-users will only have access to their personal profile and the devices registered under their name.

    So, when release the license from your own account, just give it a log-out and then a log-in using the sub-user credentials on the app. The device will seamlessly shift over to the sub-user's profile.

    Feel free to shoot over a reply to this post if you need any more information or assistance. I'm here to help.

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