Auto-delete of quarantined objects

I think that it would be advisable to add an option to automatically delete objects in quarantine, indicating how long they will be kept in quarantine. I hope this feature will appear in FS protection and F-Secure.

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  • EvgenijPrigozhyn
    EvgenijPrigozhyn Posts: 1 New Member

    I'm surprised this hasn't been added yet. This would be very useful, especially when running out of memory.

  • Cale
    Cale Posts: 285 F-Secure Product Manager


    Our product does it's best to detect harmful files, but sometimes there is "false positive" and it can accidentally detect your e.g. word document. For this reason we only quarantine files, not delete them. It's like safe "recycle bin". Also for this reason we cannot automatically empty the quarantine.