Legit updates or all good?

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Hi, last night I saw that my f-secure updated with Oneclient SAFE 5.2.2668

but didn't want to install until I restarted the computer and

F-secure wanted me to turned off my VP and it was installed and

after that bunch of other updates starting with the names WhitSecure which different from

previous updates that started whit the names F-secure and the update server has changed to. 

To https://guts2.f-sos.net from the previous https://guts2.sp.f-secure.com

What makes me wonder is that when I check the latest event that F-secure has been updated

to version 19.1 and when i click on info link it only shows info about version 19.0 from

February 2023. https://community.f- secure.com/total-en/kb/articles/29614 and that when

I search online https://dbtracker.f-secure.com/?platform=all there is no information

at all about these updates that have just been installed on my f-secure.

Is everything right with these new updates?

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    This is a real and valid update. We had slight misalignment with the update and documentation release - the documentation about 19.1 version should be up any day now.

    If you are not aware, F-Secure split into 2 companies about a year ago. We remain F-Secure and the other company is WithSecure. You are seeing the updates being delivered from the other company for now, this should change at some point in the future. The new update server address is also related to this.


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