F-Secure unresolved licensing bug unresolved over many years

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I have Internet Security with 5 licenses. I have had it for Suddenly I can only see 4 supported and I get the paraphrased message: "You have used up all your licenses" when I attempt to reconnect the 5th which just recently stopped running FSecure. I have been using this product for many years without change. I have never had a trial copy.

Since I cannot contact support, it is after 6PM here, I came to the community forum only to find that others over many years have suffered the same problem and gotten responses that seem to show a complete lack of understanding of the problem. Then the dicussion has been closed and no resolution posted. In the past, I have had no trouble reallocating licenses to newer devices when older ones are retired. Now I do.

I used to get an account management screen that showed all my devices and allowed me to drop and add authorizations for each device as I chose. Suddenly this is not what I'm seeing. I see a list of 4 devices when there should be 5. I don't see how I can reallocate my paid for security resources from that admin screen.

Interestingly, I just changed the name of one of my devices. FSecure picked up the change, but won't let that device launch FSecure. I sent the authorizing text message to the device. Got the message that I was out of licenses. At the moment, while FSecure shows 4 devices instead of 5, it is only supporting 3.

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    Hi @water

    From your explanation, it seems you've upgraded from F-Secure Internet Security, the code-based security where you had to activate using subscription keys, to F-Secure SAFE the account based subscription that allows you to login and manage your devices.

    If you are able to access your account from My F-Secure portal then that is F-Secure SAFE subscription you currently hold. To further check your subscription type, once you're in your My F-Secure portal, click on the Subscription icon on the top right to ascertain the license amount you purchased if it's 5 or less.

    You can release the license of any idle or duplicate device you find on your My F-Secure then reinstall SAFE on that device afresh. You can even login directly on that device if sending the invitation seems unclear or troublesome depending on the device but the below article can guide you on how to sort this out on any type of device.

    I don't know which license to release in the My F-Secure portal - F-Secure Community

    I hope this helps.



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