Bug with F-Secure Chrome extension

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Hi all

Not sure if this is the right place buy wasnt sure where else to post. Since a few days ago when i load google maps in Chrome the "search" part of the page is blank ( see screenshot ).

If i disable the f-secure chrome extension and refresh the page everything works fine.

Not a big deal but thought id mention it .



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    I do able to reproduce this with beta installation.

    Looks like this "blank part" is actually template for rating information about website (URL/resource).

    For example, with Google Search - search results are marked by a rating logo (safe, harmful, suspicious or restricted). When hover it - some information is visible (rating, reason/category). You can try, as example, search "F-Secure Community" keyword and see these logos for each search-result. When you hover any - this 'template' / form is very similar to this.. which on your screenshot and with my experience. As you can see "gray arrow" in the left bottom of 'empty' area (and if you scroll page - this area is scrolled too).

    So, my thoughts are:

    • 'mistakenly' there is an attempt to attach rating logo to 'website' (result) under Google Maps. Which is failed, probably. Or should not be there at all.

    With my webpage's layout - there is a workaround to re-trigger situation and close this 'template' (by choosing some option about searching), but I did not see this possibility on your screenshot.

    You can check that situation is pinned to (search) rating logos by disabling only that option (with still enabled F-Secure BP extension):

    Using reputation rating icons | SAFE | Latest | F-Secure User Guides

    for me, with disabled this option - no 'empty space' around search field in Google Maps (whatever way I came to it).

    Perhaps, indeed bug. And really cool finding. :)


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    Hi and thanks for reporting this. I've created a ticket for us to check this out.

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    Sorry for the interruption.

    Hi and thanks for reporting this. I've created a ticket for us to check this out.

    I made one comment about this subject (that situation is not limited with Google Maps; and Google Search as such, and Bing Search, at least, also with some impact).

    But, probably, it is known already or will be fixed anyway by dealing with mentioned one (since about extension design; and, perhaps, affected places are clear or expected).