F-Secure TOTAL VPN quick settings

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I suggest to add new right click item to F-Secure TOTAL notification icon to control VPN.

Suggested functionality would be so that when you right click the F-Secure icon in taskbar notification area, you could see if VPN is active, you could activate or disable it and you could change the virtual location.

At the moment one have to go through multiple clicks to change VPN settings and this is not as easy as it was with Freedome app.

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  • Eetu_
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    Just piling on on the same issue.

    Now that the F-Secure Password Vault is similarly hidden inside the main controls, it'd be great to have a simple right click access to it from the taskbar.

    Coming to the menu below every time you need to change your VPN location or to copy/paste passwords is clunky (and you need to do so, because the password browser extensions break some websites and therefore can't be kept on all the time).

    Having access to VPNs and passwords via taskbar menu would greatly help.