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Since yesterday I get almost every hour this message. The restart that is requested does not change a thing!

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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user.

    Since yesterday I get almost every hour this message. The restart that is requested does not change a thing

    No changes there (any other fresh installations or system tweaks)? Only F-Secure SAFE upgrade? Is "More details..." anyhow informative about reason for restart? Or there only generic description too?

    Anyway, sounds as something goes wrong during upgrade from old build to a current one release.

    As such, it is a good idea to try clean installing. With routine like: uninstall F-Secure Internet Security (SAFE) by common designed way (Windows Control Panel or so), then to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool as a cleaning up a bit (Support tools | F-Secure ||||||| How do I uninstall F-Secure products using the Uninstallation Tool? - F-Secure Community), and then to install it back. With 'restarts' in between stages.

    Before any action, good to be sure: that any things (if Password Manager/Vault is used, for example) with a backup or safely stored copy.

    If trouble re-occured even with clean installation, then the only 'visible' option is to reach their Official Support channel with a bit more technical information about trouble: Contact support | F-Secure

    It is possible to suspect that something wrong with updating databases/signatures/engines (since 'almost every hour') - but if this is something 'global' - then it should be already known, but I did not find any other mentions yet.

    As a general KB article about similar troubles: F-Secure TOTAL or Internet Security says "Computer is not protected" - F-Secure Community



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    Thank you for taking the time to point out a possible solution of my problem. I will follow now the steps described in the KB article that you mentioned.

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