Bought 5 licenses for Freedome from a third party retailer - not able to enter the code

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Hi, I had freedome on my Windows laptop, on my Android phone and on another Android device. Once I tried to prolong the subscription I only noticed that I need a f-secure account. OK, I created one, but my third party reseller is not listed and hence I end up in square one. Same happens on the laptop. My account shows that I have a free Safe trial until March, 7, but I don't need it, since my Internet Security is valid until August 2024. Long story, short question: how can I add Freedome in my user account? This whole account creating thing was not a great idea from your part..

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    Hi @Tainuska

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    As of now, the new version of F-Secure Freedome VPN will no longer offer you the option to enter the subscription code on the F-Secure Freedome VPN apps install on your device. The code now can be activated on the My F-Secure portal since F-Secure Freedome VPN has been integrated with My F-Secure. You can read the changes from the below link article:

    I have checked on your email that you register on F-Secure Community but did not find any My F-Secure account associated with it. To activate the Freedome VPN code (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx), you can refer to the steps below:

    Please follow the steps below to create My F-Secure Account for F-Secure Freedome VPN with the subscription code: 

    1. Create a My F-Secure account.
    2. When prompted, enter your subscription code.
    3. Open the Freedome VPN app.
    4. Select Subscription > Select F-Secure then Log in.
    5. Enter your account credentials.
    6. Repeat steps 3-5 on each device having the Freedome VPN app to activate the subscription.

    Let me know if this step helps you.

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