Request to offer more configuration options to users

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I have been using F-Secure for more than 8 years. Over the years I have noticed that F-Secure decided to dumb down the software and made the security suite for everyone. While it is great to make the software low maintenance I would like to see more options for users.

These options could be hidden under advanced configuration menu or something like that. For example, I notice a slow down of my computer while update is in progress. I have opened a thread before:

For this configuration users can be given choice to disable updates for X amount of time. In my case I work all day on my computer by using internet however I don't browse websites and download anything in this period. So I don't need any updates while I work and not checking the updates will be better for my computer performance because I notice a slow down when F-Secure is updating itself.

Currently disabling update is not possible unless game mode is on and it automatically detecs a game. Not everyone plays a game. There maybe other cases that requires maximum performance. In my case I follow stock market and charts stutter and lags while F-Secure update is in progress. In these kind of cases more configuration options should be offered to users.

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