They have too many resources...

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They have got too many resources... and I don't think these are just individual hackers.

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon 15/01/2023 ;

-My computer was marking capital letters. The capital letters button was not engaged.

-Ccleaner (cleanin app) has been trashed.

-The green box that protects banking websites disappeared.

(browsing protection by F secure)

-They also made emails disappear from my inbox.

And a few years ago... (9-10 years ago):

-One of them was changing the recipients of the emails outright.

They have got, lot of time, lot of material and financial resources and lot of people

in the goal to do that, and I really think that it's their work to hack.

And... I am leaving in France... people saying that everything is fine here.

If you read this, I do not want a solution, just because, when I analyse my latop

with F secure everything is in order...

Take care of you.

renelle henry

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  • clairette
    clairette Posts: 23 Enthusiast

    Hello Amirul,

    Thank to you to answer !

    I will make the next time I will go on my own latop.

    Take care of you.


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