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I will start this post by acknowledging the great improvements for the apple silicon support made in the version 18.4. I believe that it took quite some effort to get there and it's paying off. SAFE is now usable on my M1 Pro mac. Thanks for the good work.

I will still ask for some effort to iron out some issues especially at startup. I have noticed frequent crashes of F-secure software that impacts the performance (esp. boot time) and sometimes functionality (browsing protection not functional on any browser). I attach below a screenshot of what's visible in my console.

You might be aware of those issues already but I wanted to report those anyway. Hopefully you'll be able to patch those in the next release.


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  • ArthurVal
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    Hi, @HvM!

    Thanks for the report. This is indeed a known crash. I cannot guarantee that it will be fixed by February but we will do our best to improve stability. We have several improvements in the pipeline to help mitigate a few known issues.

    It is of course not ideal that these crashes happen. But in most cases crashes that occurred for our product components are recoverable. So there is not much to worry about. The product is perfectly capable of recovering after such crashes.

    Best regards, Arthur

    Mac R&D Team


  • ArthurVal
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    Hello, @mrF!

    Thanks for the report. Could you please share the full crash report files with us so that we could confirm whether these are known? I will send you a direct message.

    We are indeed planning to include a few significant changes in the upcoming release that should improve stability of the virus scanner feature. From the first glance the highlighted report looks familiar. We have seen similar reports before. It is indeed related to issues with performance. Such situations are recoverable but indeed not ideal as they could cause performance degradation.

    Changes in the upcoming February release should improve performance during boot. But it would be great if we could confirm that we are looking at the issue we are aware of.

    Best regards, Arthur

    Mac R&D Team

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    Hi Arthur,

    I'm also experiencing similar crashes on my Mac after a Big Sur OS update. Will this also be fixed in the mentioned Feb release?

    Full report attached.

    Thanks for your review!

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