Freedome subscription prolongation and account mismatch?

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Hello, I received an email that I should/can renew. The link leads to a Cleverbridge page where I cannot login, if I enter my email there it says 'already in use'.

If I login directly to my F-secure I cannot renew either.

It tooks two chat sessions with your support to get that last page in order, because it originally referred to SAFE and had invalid dates. It now correctly mentions Freedome.

How to proceed?

The email says "When renewing, you will be asked to create a My F‑Secure account to manage your FREEDOME VPN subscription". I already have an account.

Jan Doggen

jxxxxxxxx gmail dot com

BTW 1 - I have this trouble every year. It's about time this gets sorted out.

BTW 2 - The chat session timeout is too short. While the agent is busy sorting out stuff, the session expires.

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    Hello @JanDoggen

    Thank you for your post. Happy New Year 2023.

    I have removed your personal details in the post to protect your identity.

    The link leads to a Cleverbridge page where I cannot login, if I enter my email there it says 'already in use'.

    We have migrated to the account-based system for F-Secure FREEDOME VPN to allow the user to manage the subscription and license more effectively. You may refer this link for more information

    In My F-Secure account, you can view the installed devices, release the license, download the app, renew and upgrade your subscription. It can all be done from the My F-Secure portal. And the reason you received the error is because I can see that previously, you have accidentally purchase F-Secure SAFE and requested for a refund. The account is still there, hence, my suggestion is to use the current account and claim your current subscription code in the account to convert it to the usage time.

    Thus, to move forward on this matter, kindly do the following:

    1. Go to My F-Secure account
    2. Enter your email address and password. Note: If you forgot your password, kindly click on Forgot your password to request a reset password link to your email.
    3. Select Subscription.
    4. Under Manage your subscriptions, select I want to..
    5. Select Enter subscription code and click Enter subscription code
    6. Enter your subscription code in the Subscription code field
    7. Click Continue
    8. Check the remaining days, number of devices and product (FREEDOME VPN), and click Accept.

    Once you have done this, the remaining subscription will be added to your account. Kindly open F-Secure FREEDOME VPN app on your devices and login to re-activate the subscription. Once you did this, you will see the devices being added to your account.

    When the subscription is about to expire, you will be able to renew from My F-Secure account.

    Kindly let me know if this helps.

    Thank you and have a good day.


  • JanDoggen
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    Thanks for your help. Some remarks:

    1. When I login I get a pop-up saying my subscription is going to expire. The 'buy now' button does not work! The 'remind me later' button does ;-) Luckily I can click the dialog away, then click 'Subscription' at the top of the page

    2. I have been there before and it was not clear to me that the website asked for my *current* registration code. Your reply here made me realize that, and with hindsight that's logical. The next screen uses the word 'current', you may want to use that word in the input dialog as well.

    3. After entering the code I get this:

    87 days??? Well, let me just click 'Accept' and see what happens. This happens:

    No payment details required ;-)

    I don't quite get this, but allright, it matches somewhat with the subscription period I had in my head, and since you wrote "When the subscription is about to expire, you will be able to renew from My F-Secure account" so we'll see in March. I trust that will work.

    Again, thans for your help

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