erheblicher Geschwindigkeitsverlust (90%) bei allen VPN-Protokollen

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Bislang mit VDSL 50 ohne Bedeutung, nun mit Glasfaser 500MB/s ein KO-Kriterium...

Download ca. 55 Mb/s upload ca. 65 Mb/s. IKEv2 sogar etwas langsamer als OpenVPN.

Laufzeit statt 10 ms 25 ms

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  • Amirul
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    Hi @Lutz_Freitag

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    Currently, we only have English and Finnish language support for F-Secure Community.

    With regards to your inquiry, you may refer to the article below with regards to the speed issue on F-Secure Freedome VPN:

    How should I interpret Ookla Speedtest results with FREEDOME VPN?

    Why does my internet connection slow down with FREEDOME VPN?

    If you could provide us with more information regarding the affected device it could be helpful to us to determine the issue accordingly. You may let us know what type of device (computer or mobile), whether is it connected through public or home Wi-Fi/Wired connection, does this issue recently happen and affecting all your device that has F-Secure Freedome VPN.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  • Lutz_Freitag
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    There are Computers under Windows 11 Home 64 Bit, connected in LAN by 2,5 Gb/s WLAN-6 usually, but for testing also by 2,5Gb-LAN (KAT-7) over 5GB LAN Switch. (Internet over fiber 500Mb/s down, 100Mb/s upload)

    In WLAN the computer is connected in the Mesh chart with about 850 Mbit/s minimum up to 2,1 Mbit/s – depending from the other devises like Mobile, TV, Radio, TaHoma, e.g. …

    IF VPN is active, the Internet Bandwide-Test results LAN up to 87 Mb/s download and 95 Mb/s upload with IKEv2 and up to 134 Mb/s download and 109 Mb/s upload with openVPN.

    WLAN (VPN active) is only 10Mb/s download and 18Mb/s upload.

    Without VPN the Internet Bandwide-Test results 350…513 Mbit/s in WLAN und LAN 515 Mbit/s Upload is 115 Mb/s all times.

    The same effect is with 4 other Windows Computers identic. The Problem is not the machine, it’s the f-Secure Server speed in Germany.

    I did test Bitdefender VPN, NordVPN as well as Hideaway (firetrust). Only Hideaway when I use the Server in Frankfurt was really significant better than Freedom. The enterprise shall be from New Zealand but is hosted in unknown CDN and in USA, USA don‘t respect european law and US-Software is unwanted spy-ware at all. Firetrust got cancelt in many German shops already (reason unknown). So it’s not a real substitude for freedom.

    It needs to have a faster Server in Germany for freedom, and the WLAN acceptance for AVM-Router/Repeater I think...

    Prozessor 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-12900K

    Netzwerktechnik und I/O

                 Intel® Ethernet Controller (3) I225-V

                 Freedome Wintun Userspace Tunnel

    Intel® Management Engine Interface #1

    Intel® Serial IO GPIO Host Controller - INTC1056

  • Amirul
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    Hi @Lutz_Freitag

    Thank you for the information provided.

    Just want to confirm that you only have issues with the speed performance on F-Secure Freedome VPN under the Germany node server. Does the issue also affect other locations?

  • Lutz_Freitag
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    Server-location Freedom (Excample - today nighttime the German Server was much faster! >50Mb/s...😉)

    Deutschland Falkenstein LAN Laufzeit 28ms download 209Mb/s upload 59Mb/s

    Belgien Brüssel LAN Laufzeit 47ms download 41Mb/s upload 14Mb/s

    Finnland Espoo LAN Laufzeit 95ms download 212Mb/s upload 109Mb/s

    Dänemark Kopenhagen LAN Laufzeit 74ms download 189Mb/s upload 96Mb/s

    ohne VPN LAN Laufzeit 10ms download 520Mb/s upload 115Mb/s

    ohne VPN WLAN Laufzeit 20ms download 398Mb/s upload 115Mb/s

    to change the country may not be the best idea because of Geofencing and delay-times...

    in Germany is only one Server chooseable: Falkenstein

  • Lutz_Freitag
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    By the way, Amirul, you seams to be factual and helpful - thank you!

    From Comunities I don't know it like this. Cheer about you and marry Christmas! 👍️

  • Lutz_Freitag
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    I will reduce the use from freedom, before all times all use only with freedom. In future only when I use unknown websits or Internet in open WLAN (Airports, malls, trainstations, doctors or in uproad hotels e.g.) Freedom is important.

    At home in the private LAN and Internet directly from a safe german provider and caling only trustfull known websites after european law an aditional VPN is not really nessecairy - the speed can get 1. priority here.

    Thank you for the interesting links, I studied too of course.

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