Pin to top for ID Protection vault

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Pin to top for ID Protection vault would be handy to find frequently used items quickly.

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  • Ukko
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    I think your feature request is about mobile platform. For example, F-Secure ID Protection for Android.

    Because, you probably can do that already, at least, with Windows platform. By 'star' desired entry.

    for example, with my installation:

    -> open any 'entry' , to the right of its name -- logos like "Edit it" and "empty Star"

    -> if you choose an "empty Star" - that entry will be starred and pinned to top. it is possible to unstar (pinned) entries too.

    -> starred (pinned) entries sorted alphabetically.

    I am not completely sure, but probably if you star some entries with Desktop installation (which is synced with mobile devices) - then mobile device will also show that 'view', although you cannot star it or unstar there.

    Could you approve this? Or your experience is not about mentioned design?