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在我使用工具清理流氓软件后,我的 fs 保护保护突然失败,要求我重新启动。我想知道发生了什么。

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  • cht132
    cht132 Posts: 4 Observer

    Oh! There is a translation error in my post. Here is the correct translation:


    After I used a tool to clean up rogue software, the protection of my fs protection suddenly failed and asked me to restart. I want to know what happened.

  • Ivan_Osipov
    Ivan_Osipov Posts: 78 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi cht132,

    Could you please create a Beta ticket at the Centercode ( Please also:

    1. Mention the tool you have used (was it CCleaner or anything else?)
    2. Attach the fsdiag file (please enable Debug logging at Settings -> Support beforehand) which you get after running the Support tool. It would help us to investigate the issue.

    Best Wishes, Ivan.