How to turn off F-secure?

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I have to turn off my F-secure and install AVG FREE instead. This, because, it is impossible to renew my F-secure subscription through Clever bridge. The payment technology must have changed in some way, because I have renewed it before in 2020, and 2021. However, F-secure does not offer any support, so I Have to choose another antivirus, that is, AV Free edition. So I do I turn F-secure of? And Why does not F-secure want any regular customers?

I tried to post a question, but that is impossible. F-secure, You really sucks in customer service!/Johan

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    Hello, @JLusername

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community page and thank you for your post.

    it is impossible to renew my F-secure subscription through Clever bridge

    After checking in the system, I find that you have placed an order, however, the order is waiting for your confirmation to authorize the payment. By EU legislation, credit card payments must be approved and authenticated with either PIN, password or two-factor authentication (mobile app, text message..).

    Auto-renewal: If the customer has chosen a credit card as a payment method for an automatically renewed subscription, they still have to confirm each payment with two-factor authentication. Customers will receive an email from Cleverbridge asking for an authentication process through which they can approve their credit card withdrawal. 

    One-time purchase: Misspelling the card number, expiration date or security code can cause this issue if the customer has made a one-time purchase.

    Hence, I have sent you a message with a link for you to authorize the payment. Kindly click on the link to authorize the payment for your renewal.

    So I do I turn F-secure of?

    To turn off security features on SAFE, you may go to this link

    However, if you are installing another AV program, we recommend completely uninstalling the other AV to avoid conflicting software in your system

     F-secure does not offer any support

    I am sorry to hear that, however, we have chat support or phone support. You can go to this link Contact support | F-Secure

    Thank you and have a good day.


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    Yes - it IS best to uninstall F-secure before installing another antivirus program...

    Restart, restart, restart.............

    After uninstalling F-secure, restart your computer eventhough it don't require a restart. Restart it anyway! After the restart, install AVG Free. Restart AGAIN your computer, after installing AVG...

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