Kann ich eine software mit Anmeldung und passwort mit ID-schutz verbinden

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Ich benutze auf meinem Laptop einige Software, bei denen ich mich mit Benutzerdaten und Passwort anmelden muss. kann ich dafür ID-Schutz verwenden? wie stellt man das ein?

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    Hi @Frodo9560

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community page and thank you for your post.

    We only have English and Finnish language support on the Community page at the moment.

    ID PROTECTION has an extension to be installed on the browser to support autofill for web-based login. It is not applicable to external software. You may go to this link for assistance on how to use autofill to access your online services https://help.f-secure.com/product.html#home/id-protection-windows/latest/en/id_80643-latest-en

    On the other hand, if you stored the password for software or an app in ID PROTECTION, you may copy the username and password by clicking "Copy field to clipboard" and paste it into the login field on the desired app/software. The copied information will be available in 2 minutes.

    Kindly let me know if this helps.

    Thank you and stay safe.

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