I cannot install F-Secure Internet Security.

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I have a license for three installations. I was successful to install it on two computers but failed on the third one. I downloaded the installtion file F-SecureNetworkInstallerIS.exe. When I run ist, I get the error message "C\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Antivirus\fs_ui_32.exe not found. This message is correct, because there is no F-Secure installed so far.

How can I resolve this issue?

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  • Ukko
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    So, path includes "\Antivirus\" (not sure what should be with Internet Security) - maybe previously there were some F-Secure solutions on that computer?

    Path itself is about "desktop logo" (probably).. I did not remember if this somewhere discussed before as a known trouble, but in your situation, you can try to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool (to choose certain discovered traces or to remove all F-Secure products).

    How do I uninstall F-Secure products using the Uninstallation Tool? - F-Secure Community

    To download from: Support tools | F-Secure

    Additionally, good to check that all system requirements are alright.




  • pilotenjoe
    pilotenjoe Posts: 2 Observer

    Thank you. that resolved the issue. The basic cause was a test trial of another F-secure product that was not completely unstalled, but the trial phase was over.

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