How to import Passwords from Remembear

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Remembear (a Canada based Passwordmanager) stopes its service (sad enough).

I choose Remembear because it is not working under US-law, but under Canadian law.

I prefer a passwordmanager under EWU (that is non-US-law (for privacy reasons). So F-=secure could be a good option (Finnish, EU-law)

But! I cannot import my over 300 passwords from Remembear into F-Secure. I can export the password from Remembear into cvs-format, but that format cannot be read by F-Secure.

Who can held me (a non technical user with an iMac) to get my passwords correctly into F-Secure.

The Secure chat support does not give any clue so far.

Commercial suggestion: if a competitor stops its service take it as a commercial chance to get as much new customers as you can!!! Remembear fives it users one year before they shut down. Good chance for R&D to make importing from Remembear possible!

Thanks for suggestions as to how I can switch to F-Secure.

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