How to import Passwords from Remembear

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Remembear (a Canada based Passwordmanager) stopes its service (sad enough).

I choose Remembear because it is not working under US-law, but under Canadian law.

I prefer a passwordmanager under EWU (that is non-US-law (for privacy reasons). So F-=secure could be a good option (Finnish, EU-law)

But! I cannot import my over 300 passwords from Remembear into F-Secure. I can export the password from Remembear into cvs-format, but that format cannot be read by F-Secure.

Who can held me (a non technical user with an iMac) to get my passwords correctly into F-Secure.

The Secure chat support does not give any clue so far.

Commercial suggestion: if a competitor stops its service take it as a commercial chance to get as much new customers as you can!!! Remembear fives it users one year before they shut down. Good chance for R&D to make importing from Remembear possible!

Thanks for suggestions as to how I can switch to F-Secure.

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    Hi @JoGeHa

    Welcome to our Community page. Thank you for your post.

    Our team is investigating your request. We will inform you once we have an update from the team.

    Thank you and stay safe.

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