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Good day.

I ask for your help, please. I have the following problem:

I have purchased the software: F-Secure-Safe, but when I now click on the login button "top right"

(this is necessary, for my account and of the subscription), the loading symbol appears briefly and then an empty page appears, if i move the mouse cursor to a certain point, it turns into a text input cursor. I then uninstalled the additional installed program: Microsoft Edge WebView2 and then suddenly the interface appears but with the note: ..cannot be displayed, please install WebView2. In my opinion the problem is somehow related to the WebView2.


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    Hi @Unit

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    The Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime is required when running web content directly inside applications on Windows. F-Secure products, such as F-Secure TOTAL (as of version 18.2), require the WebView2 Runtime to be able to show web page content directly inside the product. You can check on this article below on how to manually install the WebView2 component:

    Installing Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime manually - F-Secure Community

    Let me know if this help you with the installation.

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