New bug issue with FF add on again.

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After the fixes last week regarding the banking protection not turning on with Paypal... it's now fixed in that it does turn on (but doesn't STAY turned on still)...

(Ref:  F-Secure: 046xxxxx BUG REPORT ref:_00Db0JXpV._500672Yx5rJ:ref)

BUT there's a new issue:

I just went to purchase something – it was actually not even a purchase as it was re-setting a subscription I have.

The company is NOT a scam, they are 100% legitimate… and as soon as I finished the Paypal checkout, it immediately said “Website denied” (A kajabi link).

There was NO “allow” from the online banking protection, just a “DENIED” after payment and there should absolutely not have been.

I’ve attached a screenshot.

These kinds of things – legitimate websites – after payment need to be fixed or we need a way to say “ALLOW”. As it stands, I had to go into the Fsecure allow… hit refresh in the browser and it’s still denied.

If I hadn't known how to get redirected to the company website, this would have been an issue. Again, it's 100% legitimate, there's ZERO issues but it happened right after I finished payment at Paypal.

There are days where I seriously want to just turn off the banking protection in my browser :(

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    Hi @AJalink

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    The issue on Mozilla Firefox has been fixed with the release of Browsing Protection by F-Secure Version 4.1.139. I did check on your case mention and I can see that you have confirmed the issue has been fixed after the new version has been released.

    Would you check if this affects another banking site also on your Firefox browser? If yes, I would like to suggest clearing the cache and cookies of your Firefox browser.

    If this does not affect another banking site, you may submit a URL link sample to our lab team to check on the redirect link after the PayPal transaction page.

    Submit a sample | F-Secure

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