My 11-year old bypass F-Secure SAFE parental control

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This must be a bug, right?

His time is up but is able to continue playing games etc...

I'm not allowed to post links yet but. Go to youtube and add: watch?v=gmPlkz7r0JQ

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    Thanks for the video. I can see that the primary mechanism of blocking the screen does not work properly in multi-monitor setup. Due to that, the child is able to bring the game on top of the block screen dialog.

    The secondary mechanism is that the workstation is locked (lock screen) every 30 seconds. We thought that this would be annoying enough that child gives up, but apparently this is not the case. There needs to be some time for adult to override the limitation so we can't make it too short.

    I will create an internal ticket for R&D to investigate how improve this.


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  • Amirul
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    Hi @olsi

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    I have watched the video that you uploaded on Youtube with regards to the issue you mention above. You may need to check if the F-Secure SAFE install on the computer is set up under a normal account or the administrator account. If you set up the F-Secure SAFE as a child profile on the Admin account, the family rule will not work because the admin account can override the action. You may read this previous discussion related to the issue:

    Parental Control Windows 10 — F-Secure Community

  • olsi
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    "We thought that this would be annoying enough that child gives up" - not my child 😂

    Thanks for the answer, looking forward for the solution 😊

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