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I am thinking of installing a Mesh Wifi system at home, and most of them seem to come with some sort of network security product, which I assume is pre-installed. Asus Zen, for example, comes with AiProtection by Trend Micro.

My question is, is it likely that this additional security tool will interfere with F-Secure, which I believe also has a network security function?



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    Hi @Simon

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    To answer your question about whether F-Secure SENSE is compatible or not with the Mesh Wi-Fi system the answer is NO. But if the Mesh Wi-Fi system supports Bridge Mode, you can use the F-Secure SENSE and Mesh Wi-Fi system. To understand better, you can refer to the discussion below:

    Since the F-Secure SENSE router is not optimized to be working with the Mesh Wi-Fi system, there will be some limitations where the features available on Mesh Wi-Fi might not be working. The security features that are available on the Mesh Wi-Fi system also cannot be fully functional. It might also interfere with each other since both devices are giving you the same kind of protection.

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