I'm thinking to upgrade my security to "F-secure Total".

Now I've a "mesh-wifi-network (Lyra) in my house (I must have tre mesh-routrar to get coverage in the whole house, so can I, or is it any idea, to use a SENSE-router?


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  • Sense doesn't support mesh or that's what I have understood m


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    Hello Chs,


    There was also a discussion about SENSE and meshing in this post. Please have a look. I would also recommend this KB article which provides more information about having SENSE in a big house.

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    Can I connect a SENSE-router between my mobile-router (my Internetconnection is through a mobile connection) and my existing mesh-wifi-network, and still get the same protection (if I use the mesh-network for my units??


    BR/ Chs

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    Hi, I’ve been able to use my existing mesh network with Sense, and am able to see all the devices that connect to my mesh devices, as well as the mesh devices used to creating the mesh network. This has been achieved by using AirPort Extremes that use the same network name. Wired my ISP router to Sense, wired Sense to my first AirPort Extreme and then wireless extended to another AirPort Extreme.

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