Why can't I activate my F-Secure product?

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Why can't I activate my F-Secure product?

I have paid for 7 machines for 2 years , i have an orde code, but manual activation does not work ?

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    Hi @VaKa

    Thank you for your post.

    Take note that F-Secure SAFE / F-Secure TOTAL / ID PROTECTION does not use any subscription or activation codes when you have purchased the subscription via the F-Secure online store

    When purchasing a F-Secure SAFE / TOTAL / ID PROTECTION subscription, you will be directed to create a My F-Secure account (my.f-secure.com) from which you are able to install the product to your devices. 

    If you have renewed via your existing My F-Secure account, all the devices installed from that My F-Secure account will automatically update to the new subscription expiry date. 

    The only time F-Secure SAFE / TOTAL / ID PROTECTION subscription codes can be found is via retail (box) purchases and via some campaigns.

    And I have checked your purchased in our system, you have accidentally purchased a new subscription outside of your account.

    You have a few options with how you can proceed:

    • If you have created a new account with a new license, you can:
    1. Log out from the expired F-Secure program by clicking your name in the right-hand corner and select Log out
    2. Once you are completely logged out, click Later in the next dialogue box
    3. Launch the F-Secure program again and you will be prompt to log in
    4. Proceed to use the new credentials of your renewed F-Secure SAFE, F-Secure TOTAL, or F-Secure ID PROTECTION account
    5. Complete the installation
    • You can register/activate the new subscription using a different email address. Please note that it's not possible to merge the newly purchased order into your existing account. If you wish to use the same old email address, you need to delete the old F-Secure account and start afresh. For more assistance contact F-Secure Support.

    Note: You may also create a new account with another email address and then proceed with reinstalling F-Secure SAFE.


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