First login on mobile always fails with "Page expired"

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I am currently trialing F-Secure TOTAL. On the PC all is OK.

Now I installed SAFE on my Android mobile phone, too, but when trying to log in from there (from within the F-Secure SAFE app), I only get a "Page expired etc." message.

I have tried multiple times to close and restart the app, and have also cleared the cache, but it does not help.

Access to my account from the PC works fine, so the password is not the problem either.

How to proceed?



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    Update: Problem solved with the help of F-Secure Support (very good response times!)

    The solution was

    ¤ to first uninstall the app on the mobile phone

    ¤ then to log in to my F-Secure account in the web browser (on the mobile phone,)

    ¤ then first adding the phone there as a new device for F-Secure SAFE,

    ¤ and then kicking off the installation of the app from the account page in the browser, too ( it then still goes via the Play Store) .

    (Before, I had tried to install directly from the Play Store app, and that did not work properly.)

    Cheers, M.



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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    There were some troubles, which can be with related impact - but most of them were fixed long time ago.

    If it is not related to something internal (on F-Secure servers side) and we can to troubleshoot a bit -> do you have an opportunity to check this routine with any other Android device? Just to understand - if situation is pinned to a certain device or just to mobile application as such?


  • merula31
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    Thanks for the reply.

    > do you have an opportunity to check this routine with any other Android device?

    Unfortunately not. I am currently discussing the problem with Support; if a solution is found, I'll report back.



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