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Apparently some ~terms~of~service were violated. I have been using this superior security suite for over 20 years and with Firefox for 3 years. I will have to switch back to an inferior browser that invades my privacy until this get fixed. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP.


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  • Firmy
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    The F-Secure Browsing Protection extension for Mozilla Firefox is available again.

    On 18.3.2022, we reported that the Browsing Protection extension for Mozilla Firefox was unavailable. Since then, we have issued the following updates:

    UPDATE: On 22.4.2022, we have released an updated version of the extension. With this latest release (version 4.1.20), all of the functionalities are now available, including Block pages.

    UPDATE: On 29.3.2022, we released an updated version of the extension. With this latest release (version 4.1.13), all of the functionalities are now available, including Safe Search mode.

    Block pages, however, continue to be displayed incorrectly with the error Secure Connection Failed.

    Note: This does not affect the security of your computer.

    We are working on restoring full functionality for the browser extension in Mozilla Firefox.

    UPDATE: On 24.3. 2022, we reported that this issue has since been resolved with some minor limitations:

    • Currently, while pages are being blocked according to the settings, block pages are not displayed correctly. Instead Firefox displays an error that Secure Connection Failed.
    • Additionally, Safe Search mode used by Search engines (Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Bing) is not available when using F-Secure SAFE Family Rules, or Safe Search mode for Elements EPP products.

    We are working on restoring full functionality for the browser extension in Mozilla Firefox.



  • radetzky
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    I fully agree ! Firefox with FSecure is best safety combination (NEVER had problems in ten years)

    Please FIX problem ASAP since I would not give up either one or the other

    Thanks !

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    Hi @radetzky @DennisM

    We are aware of this issue on the Windows version of our consumer and corporate EPP products.

    We are currently working with Mozilla to solve this issue. Meanwhile, we recommend that you use either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser until the issue has been fixed.

    We already published a KB article about this issue and you can read more here

    You can subscribe to our Status page to get notified on incident reports and when they get resolved.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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    Thanks for the info, Firmy.

    When I subscribe at the Status page, which component(s) do I choose to get status updates for this particular issue (Mozilla Firefox browser extension)?:

    Rapid Detection and Response Service (RDS)



    Detection Cloud

    F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response


    Detection Cloud

    Partner Portal



    F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection


    Endpoints (Clients & Servers)

    Business Suite

    Endpoints (Clients & Servers)

    F-Secure Elements Vulnerability Management


    Scan Nodes

    Cloud Protection for Salesforce


    F-Secure Elements for Microsoft 365

    F-Secure Global Operator Services

    Operator Portal

    F-Secure Operator Services EU

    Avenue EU


    ID Protection EU

    F-Secure Operator Services APAC

    Avenue APAC


    ID Protection APAC

    F-Secure Operator Services NA

    Avenue NA


    ID Protection NA

    F-Secure Home Products

    F-Secure SAFE

    F-Secure KEY



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    Hi @Awergeland

    To receive an update to the issue, kindly click on subscribe for F-Secure Browsing Protection extension is currently not available for M..

    A window will open and requesting you to enter your email address, country code and phone number. To receive news of the incident, kindly click on subscribe to incident.

    For subsequent updates, you can as well choose F-Secure Home Product since that's the category you fall under.

    Thank you and stay safe.

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    I solve it putting site where add-on is loaded (can not post link) to Firefox , Settings , privacy&security , warn you when firefox try to install add-ons , Exceptions . Then f-secure add-on installs to my Firefox (100.0.2) 64-bit.

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