Opening FS Protection mobile app 18.6 UI problem

Apparently I got updated FS Protection mobile app updated to 18.6

and also got the request to test and give feedback. That is on Android 11

However, when I try to open it from the icon created by an earlier version I come to the login screen.

When I successfully login I get a notice that tells me that I do not have free licenses available.

Is that the way it is supposed to go or should I to something else? Previous updates have not required uninstall and reinstall. Does this?

I have the five licenses used on different installations including this Android 11.


  • Thomasz29
    Thomasz29 Posts: 13 Explorer

    So that's why you sholdn't upgrade to the latest version.

    But however the main problem is that many dodn't know the main difference between an update and a clean install.

    Update just ads something new,but don't change what you have installed previosly.

    But at the other hand an clean install- installs a clean/ fresh copy.

    I myself had an similar problem when I updated my UL( Samsung device).

    What happed to me when I accepted the update- the whole unit just crashed.

    What is also good to take in account is that 99% of all devices nowdays ( smartphones,tablets) has an rooted OS.

    So the only solution is to by a new device with an Android 11 on.