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I purchased a one-year F-Secure Antivirus subscription in November 2021. But my F-Secure Antivirus desktop app tells me it's only good until March 2022.

One year subscription, bought in November 2021, I expected it to be valid until... November 2022.

Where am I wrong?

Thank you very much and good luck



Ref#. xxxxxxxx

InvoiceRef AKD-xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Jaims
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    Hi @arnaudmerle

    I had to delete the screenshot in your last reply as it revealed your code that should be confidential.

    I sent you the code via email and in that email there is a link that can be used to install F-Secure Antivirus. Why not try to uninstall the F-Secure program and then use the link in that email to reinstall and then use the code to activate it.

    You can use this Uninstallation Tool to remove the old F-Secure from your Windows PC

    Let us know the outcome.


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    I received today exactly the same email received in november, with the same activation code. With the same result.

    What am i supposed to do ?



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    I knew it will make you answer :)

    So, i uninstalled / reinstalled and, yes it seems to work.

    I just remember, when i came to Windows OS, hearing a old local wisdom advice "when you don't know what's wrong just reboot". I didn't heard it was something similar for softwares.

    Uninstall and reinstall. All right.

    Thx for your help !


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