need better user interface in F-Secure ID Protection password manager, folder structure to organize

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I would like to request that the password manager F-Secure ID Protection would have some better UI options for PC especially. "The Long List" style of storing passwords is not very well organized for PC users, although it might be ok for the mobile and touchscreen. (and I do infact use ID Protection for both android and PC.

The free password manager Keepass has better UI with organized folder structure, than F-Secure ID protection long list style of storing the entries, so I would like some choices to be able to organize better the passwords. I know in keepass you can create your own folders into the password manager and organize the accounts better that way.

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    Hi @late101530

    Thank you for for this suggestion.

    I will be moving your post to the Future Request board where the relevant team can have a look at it for a possible consideration.

    Thank you once again.