F security has considerably slowed my Imac

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Just bought F security for 3 devices & to start, installed it on my IMac, intending to also install on 2 iMac and a Windows 10 laptop. My IMac now is very slow on doing anything and internet is very slow compared to my laptop which hasn’t had F security installed yer. I need a solution please!!

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    Hi @jmcag44

    Kindly take a look at this KB article to see how you can improve the internet speed on your device while using Freedome VPN.

    If the connection speed for some reason still crawls to a halt, you can try these steps:

    • Resetting your network router.
    • Try FREEDOME with a different network connection to make sure it is not a router issue
    • Try to temporarily disable any antivirus that you have running (for example Panda Security has been known to cause slowness in the FREEDOME VPN connection)
    • Reinstall FREEDOME.
    • On Mac clear local DNS cache
    • Delete the existing WiFi profile, and re-connect to the network once again.

    If the issue continues, we will need to contact you to gather the FREEDOME logs, and take speed tests with FREEDOME On, and Off.

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