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Since the bank Medirect (Belgium) updated their site, I can no longer log in. Neither with Firefox, nor with Google Chrome or Edge. The bank says that something in my F-Secure internet security needs to be adjusted, but what or how? www.medirect.be is in my list of safe sites. This is a Google translation. Please keep the answer as simple as possible, my native language is dutch and i'm not a pc specialist. Thanks for the help. Suskewiet


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    Sorry for my reply.

    Could you describe what exactly is wrong with the login. Do you see any block pages or information about trouble with login? At what step and how is the inability to log in described?

    In addition, if it was suggested to add a banking site to the safe list - try adding "medirect.be" (not "www.medirect.be").

    About how to change some options with F-Secure Internet Security (related to Banking Protection functionality):

    Bankierbeveiliging inschakelen | Internet Security | Nieuwste | F-Secure User Guides

    You can check (by following steps from this ^ guide) which options are enabled and try to disable them one by one (to see if it helps).

    And Official F-Secure Support channels (web-chat, for example, where their Support Agents may provide remote help and certified investigation):

    Contact opnemen met ondersteuning | F-Secure

    Perhaps you can try using this ^ as an option for (potential) local support.



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    The error message I got with Firefox was:
    Secure connection failed.
    Error connecting to accounts.medirect.com. Peer received a valid certificate, but access was denied.
        The page you want to view cannot be displayed because the authenticity of the data received could not be verified.
        Please contact the website owners to inform them about this issue. So I contacted someone from MeDirect bank, who claimed it was caused by F-Secure.
    With Google Chrome nothing happens after I have entered the code received by sms, and with Edge I can only enter my customer number but not even send it.
    I haven't contacted F-Secure yet, but kept trying every day and today it worked again with Firefox for the first time. Not with Google Chrome nor with Edge (same explanation as above).
    At the moment I can continue, since I normally only use Firefox.
    I'll keep your recommendations in case things go wrong again.
    In any case, thanks for the quick answer.
    PS: this is a Google translation.

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