Please !! add browser extension support for Vivaldi Browser (also other chromium based browsers)

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Since there are still plenty of users that in the world are using various chromium based browser no just microsoft edege, for myself personally I'm a Vivaldi user and also a F-secure SAFE user. I know that without the browser extension, the internet security function from the f-secure safe will be extremely less effective, the f-secure safe will be likely to function as an anti-virus only without those crucial internet protection without extension support.

Please dear developer, I knew that majority of the users are using brower like chrome, firefox, edge etc, but please do consider that there are about 15-25% of the users that are using other browsers (most of them are either chromium based or the firefox engine based), and i happens to be one of them, so please do put this in mind.

Please add more support to the rest of the chromium-based browser like Vivaldi or perhaps opera, not just microsoft edge, technically since these browsers all using the same engine, guys I believe it's not going to be hard to make this happen, pleasssse!!!

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