How to Check Our Website is Safe From Google

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Hello Everywhere!

We starting new business like Digital Marketing and Web Development. we launched own site

but, i have some confusion about google reeking, that's our site is safe from google and search engine. then, we will work in deep.

thanks for valuable time

Regard !


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    How: How can I submit samples to F-Secure? - F-Secure Community

    However, F-Secure Security Cloud (or any other source of ratings/reputations for website) is applied to installed F-Secure solutions. Such rating can be visible with supported search engines (Google Search, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo) and supported browsers with active extension (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge latest).

    Description: Using reputation rating icons | SAFE | Latest | F-Secure User Guides

    Additionally, if website is rated as dangerous or suspicious - access to it can be blocked. Also, if Parental Control functionality with some applied categories to block - then access to website can be restricted.

    So, I am not really sure how it will or should affect "Google" itself. And, perhaps, if you want Google's opinion or service - then - Google Safe Browsing – Google Transparency Report (as an option).

    But, basically, you need just some people (or team) to consult / research security status of your business or website (as such) from security point of view. I mean, how data is stored, what about technologies in use. And any other. Otherwise (if there is no constant control and monitoring), you will have to analyze the result of compromising the service. And compromised website (or malware distribution, or spam, or anything else in addition to any rogue or fraud activities) can be a reason for 'unwanted' and 'suspicious' reputation and rating in most of databases.

    By the way, sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user. And sorry for my English.


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